happy anniversary darling Some say that love cannot be explained in language, that love is too complex of an emotion, a feeling, to be stored away in a box with strings and verbs gluing a loose definition together that is meant to be used and abused universally by all. You and I know that's bullshit, it's impossible; love isn't meant to be boxed, love isn't meant to be detained, love isn't something that is meant to be carried down, it just is, and I say this as someone who is neither an expert nor a woman who can accurately describe anything, let alone love, in just a few short syllables. To me, love can be outlined through a series of moments, of places, and parts that settle and align together to form a whole. I don't know how else to accurately pronounce my love and adoration to you in any other way, I need to zero in on it all or scratch the surface trying because with you I plan on spending a lifetime trying to figure out how to make you understand a fraction of what about you makes me feel like I'm worthy of someone like you. For your anniversary gift this year I wanted to try and recognise those moments, those pieces of our framework, the good and the bad, from our first few nights away from Rocky in Vermont, to our backwards timing, spending a full year with our first fur son, meeting our cheeky and big headed boy, boats in Los Angeles with red and yellow sunsets, Thailand, and another round of the Atlanta heat. I want to focus on what it is that makes you and me special, why we work, why your smile is the warmest beam of gold and how it blankets over me and the world feels less cynical and my anxieties go bare, and highlight those areas to show you just how much you mean to me.