happy anniversary darling A sucker for tradition, I want to take the time to thank you for all that you've done and all that you do for me. I did this last year and I want to continue doing so for many anniversaries to come. Thank you for being the father to our beautiful baby boy and fur son and for being the best possible father. Thank you for curbing my anxieties, for making me feel like I'm not as crazy as I believe I am inside my head. Thank you for being my shoulder to lean on, to cry on, to rest on. Thank you for your intelligence, your wisdom, and your patience. Thank you for allowing me to be me. Thank you for following me around the world, thank you for traveling with me for pleasure. Thank you for allowing me to bitch and whine and yell and be a rotten person at times without ever having you leave me. Thank you for fucking me harder, for lending me your lips and your teeth. Thank you for the laughter, the endless supply of it. Thank you for putting up with me for yet another 365 days. Thank you for teaching me new things for introducing me to new context, for growing and learning with me on a daily basis. Thank you for being the optimistic light in my life. Thank you for loving me, for seeing past all of my flaws and faults and uncovering this person who you see in such a way I could never see within myself. Thank you for your passion and creativity and sharing it all with me. Thank you for your persistence, for your open mind and open heart. Thank you for not giving up on me despite it being much easier on us both if you did. Thank you for this journey, may it continue to be without an ending mark. I love you, Ezra Michael, so very much it hurts sometimes. The happiest anniversary to you, my darling.