Sometimes I imagine the thoughts that race through your mind, your dirtiest, filthiest layers buried deep underneath what's socially acceptable and taboo. My mind darts to these realisations with your thick fingers curled around what you're able to grasp of my hair, pulling from the middle until you watch my head spring back, the moment when you know that the root suffers this tight feeling, my scalp burning as I'm trying so desperately hard to focus on your cock and how you're being a tease, sliding in and then out even slower than before, the arrogant smirk hanging off the side of your lips as you selfishly take all that you want while giving me every inch the way that you want to, burrowing all of my pleas that ignite as I'm asking you to fuck me hard, faster, to cum in my cunt. I want to know the thoughts that reveal themselves when you tell me no, the thoughts that give you the signal that allow you to give in to rape fantasies, to eternal power struggles, bondage.I want you to spill these words for me the same way your cum spills out of my cunt after I tell you I want you all over my face and you slam into my pussy and mark the walls with your opposition to my words.
Please take me in all the ways you could ever dream of. Please let me make a mess out of you. Please take my face in your hands and hold it there until I can feel the red liquid trickling down my chin as I watch your eyes switch drastically, my body ablaze as I wait for you to make your move with your tongue to collect the wreckage that you've caused. Please bend me over the table on the patio when the weather is too hot in Atlanta to fuck inside. Please tell me I'm your baby with your lips hot against my earlobe when you're fucking me like I'm your dirty little toy. Please let me suck your cock in the bathroom of a crowded bar. Please look at me from across the room while you silently tell everyone that I'm full of your cum. Please tell me that I'm your only one and that no one will ever come close. Please hold my hair out of my face while your cock is deep against the walls of my throat. Please let me greet you at the door with an open mouth and an open mind. Please spank my ass harder when I tell you I don't want you to. Please pull me closer when I resist and try to get away. Please choke me when I'm moaning too much. Please shut me up with your lips, your teeth, but most of all, your perfect cock.i'd look good on you: a playlist to fuck to

black magic woman // fleetwood mac

at the back of the shell // the kills

60 feet tall // the dead weather

make you feel // alina baraz

quick musical doodles // two feet

wave // golden vessel

cavailer // james vincent mcmorrow

hold on // sbtrkt

the other side of paradise // glass animals

daddy issues // the neighbourhood