happy anniversary darling Love isn't always easy; love is work, love is exhaustingly hard and it bridges pain and beauty through each synapse like a telephone wire from me to you no matter the distance or space between us. I know it hasn't always been smooth sailing with me, though you're unbearably understanding and would say the opposite. You've put up with a lot over the past year, too many things that I sometimes wish I could just yank from your memory and mine never to be heard from again, but unfortunately that cannot be a reality and we have to relive the past sometimes through arguments and screaming and tears while we're left wondering if this is the end. I hate that we've had those moments, I hate them just as much as you and I don't want to turn such a special celebration of love and our growth together by telling you how I am responsible for heartache in this relationship, I want to vow to you that we can get through it all. It's easy to say that now, but we can, we have, and we will. There isn't much we haven't experienced together and for all of those moments I wish we didn't have to storm through together, I wouldn't have wanted to rough them out with anyone else. A year ago we were strong -- but we were nowhere near this strong and I say that with full confidence and certainty. I'd brave anything with you, I really and truly hope you know that and sometimes I will act like I have my doubts. If anything, those doubts aren't doubts at all, they're worries disguised as doubt because if there's anything I'm sure of, it's you, it's us as a unit, and we've proved that with this year and we'll continue to do so with the next.