After a busy weekend, the last thing on Rose's mind was waking up on Sunday morning ready with her legal pad full of demands and desires she wanted fulfilled on Mother's Day. She hadn't given the holiday much thought, to be frank, she wasn't sure how it was supposed to go now that she was a mother. She had no expectations whatsoever other than making sure to skype with her own mother and sisters later on in the day since they were all gathered together in Tasmania without her. It was the journalists during her most recent press tour who had asked her a numerous amount of times what she was expecting on this illustrious holiday, they were the reason her mind had even been ticking around the subject. Sleeping in was a rarity these days for the both of them, sleeping at all, to be exact. She hadn't even noticed Ezra's lips soft against her neck and cheeks before he pulled himself out of bed to start the day with Rocco without her, she was very much dead to the world with the blinds in their bedroom shut.

When he finally emerged back into the darkened dungeon she was curled up in, her eyelids pried open in a snap, her body automatically assuming something was wrong because she did not see or hear Rocco and the lights were still off in the room. Her momentary moment of panic came and went when he looked at her with the most gorgeous pair of light eyes and whispered those words to her she was not expecting to her. Mother's Day. She started to shake her head and smile smugly, taking him into her arms before she even saw the wonderful breakfast spread and bouquet off to the side on the table. It wasn't everyday she woke up to being treated like royalty. This was the sweetest surprise yet, seeing both of her favourite men smiling at her (Rocco flailing his arms in his little seat off to the side, oblivious to what was going on in the first place), it was as if she was still asleep and this was all a dream she didn't want to wake up from.

Between smeared whipped cream kisses and maple syrup stains on the bed due to a few accidents where she purposely allowed her fork to stream the sticky liquid onto his skin, Rose was in awe to hear that there was more, so much more indeed. The day began with a surprise that would have been sufficed and lasted her until the next year. She wasn't a woman who required much despite how greedy she knew she could be. She was on cloud nine laughing and talking with Ezra, glancing over at Rocco's brown eyes as he cooed and kicked his legs in the cutest pair of farm animal socks. Rose did her best hiding the lingerie that came out of the box from Ezra, tucking it back in between the tissue paper, her teeth sinking into her lower lip over the possibilities of what they could do once she slipped herself into the neutral hues and stepped out into view for him. Her hand ran against the fabric that was so thin and sheer, smiling deviously as she looked at him, his gaze matching hers as they shared a moment together where she could feel the two of them stirring the same pot of ideas. She believed it all stopped there, insisting that she try the fabric on now that Rocco wasn't being fussy and noisy, but that was where she was wrong.

The afternoon was one big blur of surprises, a domino effect of one after the other, taking her on an emotional ride that left her feeling undeserving yet appreciative. As he turned the corner and put something else in her hands, there was something else to follow, it was unlike anything she had ever experienced before in her life. There was a cheeky joke about having an army of more children due to his behaviour on this holiday. How would he ever be able to top this first Mother's Day with her? If this was the first, how would he ever raise the bar even higher than this? She was overtaken by the swelling of her heart, her hand in his throughout the entire day, the warmth of the sun on their skin, squeezing her fingers almost too tight when he handed her the keys to the car, nearly in tears when he began unloading the picnic at the conservatory in the city, and then, finally, seeing his mother and just throwing her arms around this woman who had been so warm and generous and kind to her from the very start. It was hard to be without her own mother in the city and seeing his, spending a fraction of the day with her made her feel like she was home, a sense of belonging washing over her. It helped knowing that Bobby was there for her, the two of them forming their own relationship aside from being this woman who had been dating her son. She could not ask for a better support system and team while her emotional home was a full day away via plane. There were tears and smiles and balled fists raised against his ribs, specifically when she kept protesting driving the car at all. For a woman who allowed her emotions to get the best and worst of her on a regular basis, this was something different, something new and stressed and made her feel amazing.

With the afternoon fading into night, the sky a matte shade of navy blue mixed with black, Rose found herself with her head against his shoulder, her eyes glossed over with tears, keeping them hidden from him as his hand lowered itself between her legs. A carriage ride was always something she scoffed at, the cynicist in her recalling it to be corny until she stepped foot inside the one he reserved for them. It changed everything. It was the perfect finishing touch to the night, a quiet ride of reflection over their breathing and heavy sighs. Rose and Ezra were people who did not thrive in silent environments, but for some reason, there wasn't much that needed to be said as they sat side by side, her nose nested against him as she blinked, closing her eyes tightly to see if when they opened back up everything would have disappeared and she would be back in bed again. It wasn't fiction, none of it, it was a full day's worth of him spoiling her in ways she couldn't even fathom or wrap her own mind around. Thoughts raced in her mind, wanting to tell him that she wasn't worthy of this, she wasn't someone who deserved it, but she knew what those words would be met with, he would have never allowed them. Rose kept her lips shut, save for when he took her jaw into his hands and they shared kiss after kiss. A simple thank you would never be enough to convey the gratitude she felt that day, but it was the best she could do. She had a feeling he knew none of it was to be taken for granted, none of his efforts ever were.