To be frank, it didn't feel safe setting up a small pop-up tent in the middle of a wilderness conservation in god knows where Thailand, it felt risky for all the right and probably some of the wrong reasons. She has her reservations, though her hand never left his as they skirted past the gate and continued to walk. In her mind she wondered if they were really going to go through with this. He hadn't laid out the blueprints for her, all she knew was that the idea was out there, he had a backpack that looked like it stored more than just some minor necessities, and a look on his face, a natural sneaky smile that screamed he was up to more than he was letting off.

While they walked, she hissed at him, whining she didn't want to end up dinner for some wandering animal out here, but Ezra showed no fear and no signs of backing down, which surprisingly calmed her for a change. When Ezra removed his hand from hers and begun taking the backpack off, her eyes began to take in their surroundings, looking closely into the dark through the clearing they were in to see if she could spot any signs of light coming, any strange sounds and the like. She paid no mind to his tent setup and offered no help, stepping around on the crunchy leaves and twigs and rocks underneath her trainers as she kept circling around until she nearly pissed herself, squealing in fear when he grabbed at her legs to announce their resting ground for the time being was ready for them.

"Jesus christ, Ezra!" If anyone had been within twenty miles of them, animals included, they were able to hear her war cry, her bare legs bent at the knee, pulling forwards and backwards, resisting going in the tent at first. It wasn't long and didn't take much. She figured she'd rather be safe, or as safe as she could be, inside the tent with him rather than standing around like a woman in a horror film ready to be eaten alive by something not quite human. On her hands and knees, she could see the outline of his body perfectly, his facial expressions weren't exactly crystal clear and in focus, but she could read him well, knowing he was looking at her, mocking and laughing at her pain, but in the way that Ezra typically did, with the utmost kindness and sweetness. She could just tell by the way his hands started to reach for her.

Beneath the blanket there was bumpy terrain, rocks and whatnot poking at them as they laid close together, her on her side now and him on his with their arms tangled around one another, with hesitant and hazy kisses pressed to their cheeks, a game of finding the target in the dark, a personal favorite of theirs. The risk, the outside, the animals, everything seemed to fade in that moment her knee stretched over the side of his thigh, opening up her hips to him as she pressed herself against him as if she had no choice in the world and the frenetic energy was drawing her in closer to him, collecting more heat. His comment about it being too hot was ignored while her tongue tasted the saltiness of his neck, uttering a sweet murmur against him, her lips dipping down after she had marked the skin as hers.

Each bite was a reminder that he was hers, common knowledge that needed no reminding, although her greedy pout would have other words to say on behalf of the subject. The weight of his body rested on top of her as he rocked into her, a rush of pleasure and pain and heat swimming over her, her fingers bunching up the blanket in balls of fists, her nails digging into the dirt in places where the barrier didn't keep them safe from the earth underneath them. It was animalistic the way they went bite for bite and kiss for kiss, fighting harder to best the other between groans and sticky skin held together by two spinning, dizzy bodies enraptured in a moment that was only theirs.

Half dressed with tired eyes, the sunrise proved to be the best focal point as it came through the opening of the tent, the washes of warmth, the colors colliding together in perfect juxtaposition to one another as Rose and Ezra watched on with their hearts serving as the background noise, their breathing loud. Licking her lips, she still tasted him, a feat that made her nestle her head against his chest even more as they watched on. This was the kind of moment you read about, not the kind you experience for yourself in such a surreal lighting. The sunrise was the perfect reminder that they still had time to savor and gain, though it also meant they had to rise to their feet and be on their way out to the gates or else someone would find them now that it was light out.

Rose tossed and turned a bit, reluctantly so, not wanting to get up the way a child wouldn't want to be pulled out of bed for school during such an early morning. With some incentive, she was up, and so was he, the two of them gathering everything together, looking like they both had a rough night when it was anything but. The safari, the fireworks, the lights, the giraffe that almost took her hand off in her own silly mind, it was all picturesque, and they had the snapshots to prove it all to reminisce and share those moments. There was just one thing missing from it all: the near heart attack Rose faced when Ezra shoved a hand into his pocket as him he was going to get down on one knee, right then and there in the jungle.

"I'm not kidding I will leave you here --- I'll do it. No."

It was to be expected, from both her and from him, these reactions to such an action. She was almost in tears before she saw the smirk on his face, her fingers curling under while she hoisted her hand against his shoulder and then against his ribs to demonstrate how she felt about his little joke.

"I'm finding a new travel companion. This is it. This is our last vacation. I mean it."