father's day 06∙18∙2017
It was rare when Ezra was able to sleep and Rose was able to sneak out of bed without him stirring or moving against the cotton blend sheets due to the lack of her back pressed into his chest. It was early, much earlier than she wanted, roughly around 7:30 because she knew she had to move quickly if she wanted to get anything done without Rocco crying and potentially waking anyone else up. The Drake balloons were stored in the kitchen in one of the drawers where they kept junk food. It was a risk, but it was one that paid off since no one was looking for the dark chocolate cookies she stashed in there.

Rose began to blow up the balloons the old fashioned way, by mouth, standing in the kitchen in the loose nightgown with thin straps she wore while it had been hot out for the last few weeks. She blew up about six or seven and tied them with the strings they came with. Breakfast came next: omelettes with spinach and cheese and salsa for them, breakfast potatoes she prepped the night before, served with some yogurt and strawberries. Rocco would end up eating from their plates anyway, so there was no reason to make him his own, but to avoid any sort of tantrum, she did it anyway.

Tray and balloons in hand, she was almost set to go. In the hallway there was a tiny stand with a candle. Pushing that aside, she made room so that she could set the tray down and put the balloons into their room before she got Rocky ready to go. Checking in, Ezra was still asleep, a sight that left her smirking to herself since everything had been going according to plan. She left the balloons in there knowing that he wouldn't see them anyway. Moving quickly yet stealthily, Rose went into the nursery and checked on Rocco who she expected to be asleep, but to no one's surprise he was up, gnawing on the ear of a bunny he sleeps with, dropping it immediately when he saw Rose, his eyes big and bright and awake. "Ready to go and see dad?"

It was like he knew because he reached his arms out, dressed only in a diaper and little t-shirt. She changed him into a t-shirt that read "I am your father's day present" and went across the hall and down into their room. It was in this moment that Rose wish she had an air horn to blow to wake up. Setting Rocco onto the bed was the best option that she could get.

"HAPPY FATHER'S DAY" she squealed, kneeling onto the bed until she could feel the weight of the bed shift as Ezra, with sleepy eyes, looked at them, allowing Rocco to crawl onto him and make all sorts of noises. "Go give daddy a kiss!" Rose followed suit and attacked him, as well, lunging forward and kissing her boyfriend as their son did the same, the trio in a pile on the bed until it turned into a foursome once Vincent was able to hear them.

It was a picture perfect moment with the four of them in bed together. The only thing that was missing was the fifth member of the party who was still waiting and growing inside Rose's stomach, not exactly ready to come out and be social with the rest of the heathens. While Rocco was taking up Ezra's attention, she went back into the hallway to grab the try. Confused, Rose could see that a bit of one of the omelettes looked like it was chewed off. What Rose didn't know was that Vincent had been trying to get at the plate while they were in the room, only able to get a tiny, tiny piece that he ate and then gave up trying to get more and hightailed it for the bedroom.

Rose didn't think too much of it and brought in the tray where she waited for Ezra to sit up so they could eat and open up presents wrapped in this Snoop Dogg wrapping paper that she could not be happier about. "If Rocky asks, those aren't pot leaves." Her eyebrows wiggled while she looked over at their son who was using her finger to get at the yogurt in the bowl. The rest of the day was going to remain low key and easy. It was going to be hot and humid so Rose went ahead and filled up their tiny pool and let Rocco and Vincent splash around while Rose and Ezra lounged and relaxed together.

Rain later on in the afternoon caused them to head inside where they decamped to the living room. Rose ordered Thai for them and they ate together on the living room floor. A simple yet memorable father's day since they would be heading to London in a day or so.