The day could not have gone any better than it had: the trip to the park, the decorations waiting for them at the house complete with streamers and party hats for all wild partygoers, the quality time they were able to have without anyone having a single other commitment than to be with one another, a true gift in and of itself with Ezra having studio time and working on the radio show here and there; Rose was off for the next month until she was being pulled to Los Angeles to film, the only person who was giving them a fussy time was Rocco who felt that shoving his grubby little fingers into his mouth was more important than watching Vincent chase the ball the entire time, he would slither around in the pram trying to bring his feet up to his mouth, as well, making cooing noises and these loud giggles whenever he would kick his legs out as if he had an imaginary friend playing with him.

Once he was out of his pram and the city air was whooshing them all in the face, he was more lively and alert with his tiny bucket hat on that was from the Fourth of July, stars and stripes around the brim like a true tiny terror of an American. It was hard to not want to stay outside for the duration of the afternoon, but with Vincent and his tiny furry legs and Rocco who was typically beat from the heat and too much activity in the sun, they weren't able to stay out for very long and made the trek back home where they allowed the birthday pup to zoom around the garage, excitedly scratch at the door until they let him get inside the living room first where it was obvious he knew that something was going on. He was such a stupidly lovable dog and it was such a wonderful sight to watch him go crazy in the house without having a single idea there was a cake in the shape of a dog bone waiting for him, something that looked like chocolate and smelled like chocolate, but was completely pet-friendly.

With Rocco rolling around on the furry, white carpet that was a gift at Rose's baby shower, they set the cake down adjacent to it as they all sang happy birthday to him, proud of their first son. There was Rose snapping photos with her phone, singing loudly and over Ezra who actually sounded lovely harmonizing with her terrible voice as they tried to get Roc's attention while he did his best to pull himself up onto his hands, in a seated position while he smiled the most radiant smile that his overbearing parents melted over, his hands going a mile a minute, and there was little Vincent, already prematurely getting into the cake before they gave him the cue to get into it, unaware how to eat it himself, setting that it wasn't as soft on the outside, it had this almost shell-like consistency that he had no idea how to bite into. It was hilarious watching him rush over to the tiny cake, sinking his teeth in, and then dashing away, only to repeat the process while he barked, spinning himself around frantically.

They were getting far too much amusement out of watching him and now Rocco who was on all fours, just looking at Vincent who was doing a number to the cake that was on the floor, the tiny plate turned upside down with tiny dark crumbs everywhere. The floor was a complete disaster, and all Rose and Ezra could do was stand there with the cake that was edible for them, shoving their own faces, not worrying about who would have to vacuum everything up in a little while. What Ezra didn't know was that Rose had ever intention of staging a nap on the couch so that he would be stuck doing it, but in that moment, standing there with cake between their teeth, smashing bits in each other's faces, they weren't concerned with much else at all.

The 11th of June was now forever marked as a milestone in the Koenig-Byrne household and would remain as such, the day that they brought home the first member of their family months before Rocco was introduced to the world. The thought and temptation to get another dog was always there with these two, but it was hard to want to bring another into their home knowing that they already had the best possible companion they could find. Maybe, just maybe for his second petsiversary he would have a sister or a brother, just not one that could speak despite all of the begging and pleading from Ezra who wanted to just put another baby in her already now that he's aware just how fertile this family is.