The villa looked and felt like heaven; all of the intricate splashes of colour hidden in the fresh flowers in the rooms, the woven carpets, the spines of books on the shelves amongst white walls that raised up to sky high level ceilings with fans whipping around, the rooms breezy and open as they glided through them with tired eyes that propped open wide, excited from all of the touches that were laid out before them. It was already one of the most extravagant places they have stayed at as a couple, and in their time spent together, they had been lucky enough to rest their heads in some luxe resorts, but this was special, it was like perfume in the air, something that was drawing them in and leaving them feeling comfortable yet transfixed. It was Ezra who first noticed the flower petal train on the floor, Rose was too busy with her jaw dropped down, her feet kicking underneath her as she spun around, feeling very much like she was staying on the Real World and had to sprint around to see her new home and lay claim on a bed before anyone else rummaged through.

Squeaking loudly, her legs were in motion, her arms ready to be tossed around him, but he didn't allow her to get very far, because before she knew it, she was curled up in his arms, her mouth softly pinching at his skin, pressing fervent kisses of appreciation and adoration to him, words flying out rapidly while he walked forward with her. "I can't believe any of this?" She was amazed at how much of a spectacle this was, feeling so full of love and gratitude that he went through the trouble of all of this for her, for her birthday, to make her feel special while she turned thirty-seven; it was magical and they hadn't even been inside for very long at all. "And this is all for us? All of it?"

As Ezra carried her along the garden of pastel flower petals, she couldn't help but take in how much space they had for the next few days, how this would be where they would be spending their time. It was hard to think straight while everything was new and fresh and whirling past at such a warped speed. Rose was selfish, though, and with her limbs tangled over his arm and the other around her, she felt like she knew what was coming, and the lust that appeared in her eyes wasn't coming out of nowhere, it emerged from that burning feeling in her chest to show him just how much everything he was doing meant to her, for Ezra to see that she felt unworthy and this was all far too much. She was halfway wrong in her assumption, her eyes lifting and scanning over the pool, the giant inflatable cow that only made her burst out into the most joyful laughter that came from deep within her belly, the sight of the pool making her want for the two of them to just spring right in. There was more: seeing this giant round tub with the steam appearing off of it like they were in a sauna and even more petals floating atop piqued her interest the most. Her body started to wiggled in his arms before he put her down, her smile couldn't be washed away at any given moment, it was stapled to her mouth, even after her feet were stable against the ground. "I love you," she said, her voice soft, her eyes glossy, trying her best not to break down into a fit of tears over all of this. "I want to punch you and I want to kiss you, but I want to punch you more --- this is incredible. I've never seen something this gorgeous before?"

With time evaporating between their hands after they shared a bath and a shower and some rustling against the pristine white couches in the living room, Rose and Ezra found themselves leaving dinner, ice cream dripping down their fingers as they helped the other out, licking and using their fingers to take some away, laughing and buzzing while they felt the high of being on holiday with one another, enjoying what felt like the end of a very fulfilled day, the first of many. With their shoes in their hands, they walked along the beach, Rose ditching her white sandals in the sand so that they could head into the ocean without the worry, her hands holding up her dress while she kicked water at him from a distance, leaping and running away while he tried to lunge forward to get her, their laughter the only form of conversation they needed in a moment like this. Once he was able to get her into his hands, she squirmed, but not for long.

With his arms holding her in place, she reluctantly dropped her hands from where she was holding the fabric on her dress, letting the floral fabric drop into the water, not a care in the world while his hands took her face in them and he hummed lyrics against her skin that had already begun to turn a rosy shade of red. In rare instances for them, words were unneeded, and all they had to focus on was the beating of their hearts and the way their breathing increased and became louder to the ear. This was one of them, because neither of them had a damn thing to say except for the way their hands glided against each other, moving in close as they shared kiss after kiss, her hips rushing in close to him as if her body language was telling him something, that she wanted something more. Her hands dropped down from around his shoulders and she began to unbutton every button on his shirt, her mouth distracting him as she moved fast, her kisses matching the speed, brisk and feral, indicating she was taking this somewhere less than innocent. "You didn't think you'd get away without this, did you?"

That was all that she needed to say to him and the fire in his eyes ignited, helping her as she took him out of his shirt. Now, the entire day and evening had gone passionately with an overpowering sense of romance, so to have something happen that sparked their famous back and forth, playful dynamic, it only made sense. Rose knew that when they got back to the villa she would be in for a rude awakening after doing what she had planned, but it was a risk she was willing to take. Once her palms smoothed over his bare shoulders and into his shirt, she helped him out of it, something that brought on a bout of confusion in Ezra, but he went with it regardless. Purring against his lips, she took the shirt off him completely and reached her hand down, taking her dress up again, the water from the bottom of it dripping down, his shirt in her other hand. In a whisper, she said, "Close your eyes," to which he obeyed because, as a simple man, his cock was getting hard and he wanted to see where she would go next. Big mistake on Ezra's part.

Rose took a step back and then another, snickering and fending off laughter as she had his shirt and her dress in her other hand, speeding away until it was apparent based on the sound of her legs tracking through the water that she was hauling ass in the other direction, waving his shirt when he finally snapped his eyes open. By then he was already a decent distance away, the only words she called to him were, "Don't forget my shoes!"