The first few days in Atlanta were full of excitement, new knowledge and new experiences. This wasn't their first rodeo in the city; Rose and Ezra had been here previously, as individuals, whether it was for work or not over the years, and also together as a couple the year before while she was down here filming the second installment of Neighbors while nearly five months pregnant. This time around it was different, though, this time they weren't a threesome with Vincent, they had turned into a forceful foursome. Atlanta was full of firsts in a variety of ways, but not limited to the first time Rose had been on a film set in almost a year, which brought along its own challenges along the way. She spent most days on set, learning and talking with Rebecca, the woman she would be portraying on screen, days away from her family who were camped up in this gorgeous house just outside the hustle and bustle of the busiest city streets. Being away and at work again meant that there was less time for her to plan things to do with Ezra since most of her free time was swept up sleeping when she could and spending days with Rocco and the rest of the rascals.

After a grueling day, Rose was at home, their temporary home they were still getting settled into, washing off the day at the sink, looking in the mirror to reveal a tired face, one that was ready to collapse in bed for the night. She wasn't typically the type of person who was great with surprises, but she was someone who appreciated effort being put into the relationship that came with unexpected twists and turns. Stepping out into the hallway, she felt a sense of comfort when she saw Ezra, or rather, felt Ezra crawling behind her, her hands finding his as he covered her eyes, her feet stopping in their tracks for only a second. "Where are you --- what're you doing, baby?"

Walking out into the crisp air, the focal point of the spacious backyard that came with the rental house was the flickering fire that sparked yellow and orange specks, blending together as it all came together and crackled in the night. Rose immediately turned herself around and lunged for him, her face lifting in confusion as she pressed a kiss or two to his face, smiling an oversized smile with her arms gripping onto him tightly. In time came the realization that he put all of these tiny, tiny LED candles around the area, adding ambiance, but also a nod at the Bachelor, something that she had given him shit for when he did it for her when they relived some of their firsts at the playground. It was an intense feeling, something brewing, all of these butterflies and knots that left her speechless, in complete awe and wonderment why a man would ever want to bother doing this for her when she was such a cranky cunt sometimes.

Dropping herself down against the array of pillows he put down, she rolled her body around on top of the plush surfaces, feeling very much like a giddy child despite feeling ever so exhausted just minutes prior. "Are you insane? All of this -- for me?" She couldn't help but soak it all in, confused how he was able to keep this all from her, confused why he bothered to do all of this, but then again, it's Ezra, and he's aware just how long she spends in the bathroom late at night taking off the day and cleaning off her skin. The snacks were something she admired first, paying no mind that she had already brushed her teeth for the night, she was digging into the plastic bag with the marshmallows. "You know," she started, "I've never played that game where you try to shove as many as you can inside your mouth -- what's it called?"

She couldn't think of the name Chubby Bunny for the life of her, but eventually it did come to them, wanting to fulfill this puffy white fantasy of hers to see it done, the both of them laughing as they tried to help the other. It was such a waste of marshmallows, and even though she wasn't the biggest fan, when marshmallows were toasted over a fire, they automatically tasted six thousand times better than they normally did, and besides, there was no toasted coconut on these, so she was pleased. It was charming how he staged a sticky fight, the two of them licking the other's face while a war broke out. There was something to be said about how their laughter carried into the night, the two of them on these pillows in front of a fire a decent distance from anyone even possibly hearing or seeing them. It was in these moments she wished they lived somewhere like this permanetely, though she knew for sure neither of them wanted to leave the city, they couldn't.

Just when she thought their night was coming to a close, he threw her a curveball and asked her to dance, something that made her twist her nose and tell him no at first, shaking her head until he was pulling her onto her feet himself. The song playing was irrelevant, it was humming through the speakers at such a low volume that neither of them minded that they were dancing along to a distance chorus. Inside his arms she felt safe and comfortable, inhaling as she tucked her head against the nape of his neck, closing her eyes as she let her feet fall into place with his, shuffling and swaying back and forth. As he reminisced on the fact that she was someone he had danced with more than anyone else, her eyes drifted up to the apples of his cheeks, her mouth in a crooked smile, knowing that he couldn't tell if she was looking up at him given the angle. "What if I said you wouldn't be dancing with anyone else again." Maybe she shouldn't have said it, it was a bold statement to make, one that she knew he would take and really let it soak into his sink and feel happiness in the sentiment, but maybe it was the right thing to say in this moment, because like him, he was someone she had danced with more than anyone else. She had to go ahead and ruin the moment by telling him that she was going inside if he stepped on her feet, her head lifting from his shoulder now, their gazes connected in the dark.

She should have ended the evening by telling him thank you a handful more times, whether it was verbally or through a numerous amount of kisses, but instead she played her cards in a different way. In typical Rose fashion, she disengaged herself and stepped away, her fingers at the hem of her oversized shirt. "Do you think the water's warm," she asked, looking over her shoulder toward the pool. "Because I think this is missing one thing, and one thing only."