Ezra had become quite the connoisseur as of late when it came down to planning and plotting surprise date nights for the two of them, ranging from getting out of the house in Brooklyn and traveling, to Fire Island picnics and whatnot, and while it was all deeply appreciated that he would take the time to concoct such thoughtful, well put together nights for them, Rose figured it was about time the tables were turned and she gave it a try herself. As a self-proclaimed unromantic person, what she viewed as romance wasn't always typical, her views gearing in the atypical variety unless it involved flowers or chocolates, because who didn't enjoy freshly picked flowers in bloom and a box of salted caramels, and even then she was never sure where the corny and cheesy line was implemented. Using her best judgement, some research, and word of mouth from some of the people who worked as the crew on set, she had been quickly gathering ideas and places as to where they could potentially go. She wasn't one to outright ask for date suggestions, she treated asking around as a case study, something vague as a tourist, technically, even though she had seen a multitude of sights here in the ATL.

The weather in the deep south was not much different from the hot, hot summers they had been sitting in whilst in Brooklyn. The only major difference, also serving as a downfall, was the humidity at night and how the temperature didn't drop much from the record highs in the afternoon, leaving them sweaty, sticky messes at night, as well. Now, usually a nice, humid and hot day would have sufficed perfectly for what Rose had in mind for them on their second weekend in Georgia, but seeing that there was a chance of showers throughout the day on Saturday piqued her interest and solidified when she would be attempting to put this plan into motion.

Ezra was well aware that Rose only had to film in the morning on Saturday, a nice weekend treat after a long week of filming, asking her all sorts of questions as to if she wanted to dine in or eat out, if she wanted to do a bit of traveling, call in a babysitter since the two had friends and people that were trustworthy to come in and babysit, all to which Rose told him very undecided answers like: we'll see, I'll think about it, and I don't care. She tried to keep herself away from the conversation while he asked, something that wasn't getting him annoyed, but she could tell that he was trying to make something happen.

Without wanting to give anything away, she went off for the day bright and early on Saturday, kissing her little gremlins goodbye before the sky had turned a nice grey and blue colour due to the expected rain that day, and was off. Throughout the day she had managed to send Ezra text messages, hinting that she wanted to do something and that she had an idea in mind. He kept texting her frequently, trying to get her to spill out details on what she had planned because he knew he better than that and was aware when she was withholding information from him. It was difficult, looking at the screen on her phone between takes, her teeth clamping down against her lip as she'd laugh at how frustrated she knew he was becoming. It was one of her favourite parts when it came to planning something for him and not laying out every last intricate detail for him.

Throughout the day she remained as tightlipped as possible, only giving him one word hints like: history, illegal, and trespassing. It was something out of the ordinary for them on all fronts; the fact that this was a risky move and not just a picnic in the park definitely raised the stakes and worried her already anxious and worry ridden mind, but it also brought a rush, one that made her want to see if they could get away with something like this. The final text she sent him told him that a sitter was coming and that he could wear sneakers, preferably not the white ones, and to dress in light and loose clothing, again, nothing that he wouldn't mind getting dirty; this was all in case of the rain, which had been on and off all day. She told him that the car that was taking her back to the house would pick them both up around midnight. That gave them hours together when she was home for him to try and sneak his way into her plans, which he did, failing miserably at getting anything out of her.

They shared a dinner of Chinese takeout, sitting in the living room with Rocco who was chewing on the head of one of Rocco's squeaky toys, unbeknownst to Rose and Ezra until they kept hearing the squeak and the tiny giggles coming from his mouth. "Honey, no, no! That's not yours!" She took the toy away from him easily and tossed it into the other room so that Vincent could chase after it. Sitting down, she kept gazing at Ezra, the same smirk on her lips that had been there since she got in. "So, do you have any guesses as to where I'm taking you? Any at all?" He did, naturally, none of them being quite right.

At around 11:30, the sitter came and Ezra and Rose had been comfortable enough with her, having previously met, she was someone who was working on the film, someone they did know, an older woman who didn't ask many questions as to where they were going this late. Rose emerged from the bathroom in a pair of white shorts, a mistake on her end without her thinking, and a very loose and gauzy black t-shirt that hit low enough on her thighs to make her look like she really wasn't wearing shorts at all, her hair was down and wavy, unkempt for the most part, with old white sneakers on that were in rough shape to begin with. For a date night, this wasn't exactly a fancy endeavor.

Once they were in the car, she handed him a rolled up piece of paper, a map, to be specific. "Open it," she directed to him. As he peeled it open, he could see that it was a map with mostly green and some paved roads, at the very bottom reading 'Oakland Cemetery'. Her tongue was against her lower lip while she waited for his reaction, to see why she would be taking him to a cemetery this late at night. "I couldn't tell the driver to drop us off there because it's, well, closed at night, but someone on set was telling me how you can get in if you take one of the back entrances, there's a broken fence that you can slide into." By now he was looking at her like she was crazy, and she was, this was an idea that really was beyond anything she had thought of or put into action for them, but there was a twist.

"I've sex dice in my pocket." It was one of the tiny gifts from Valentine's Day. "I figured we could explore in the dark, see what kind of trouble we could get into, and create some of our own." A brow lifted, asking him if he wanted to go forward with this. "But, if you'd rather not, there's a 24-hour diner where we could get milkshakes instead." The choice was his.