Post-Rocco, Rose had been lucky enough to have nearly three months to devote to him, to being a mother, learning and growing and watching as her and Ezra's son grew into this wonderful, albeit tiny, human who had a curiosity for life and anything colourful and shiny put near his face. That left Rose and Ezra with little time devoted for themselves, it left an even less amount of time for planning dates and going out with one another the way they had in the past. It was a trade-off, both of them knowing that in due time that would change and leaving Rocco for a few hours to spend time at a restaurant or a bar would be necessary to keep their relationship thriving and alive. Now at nearly three months old, Rocco was sleeping a tiny bit, he wasn't crying whenever Rose would leave him. They felt comfortable leaving him with Max or Ezra's parents, though that didn't mean it was suddenly easy to part from him at all. They thought of him all the time, called frequently, left texts and voicemails asking about him, making sure that he was still breathing. The joy of parenting, really.

Now in the midst of a smaller New York press tour, the new mom was thrown into a pit of new challenges and obstacles to climb past. It was exciting, empowering, and difficult all at once. While she was happy to be able to promote a film that she began working on the week she found out she was pregnant, a film that was near and dear to her heart, she hated being away from Rocco, which also meant that there was not much time available for Ezra, either. After a day full of interviews and appearances, Rose had stumbled in through the door with a tired face, her makeup sliding off her face from the New York heat, but she looked, in a word, glowing. She had additional weight around her waist, hips, and legs, her face too, but she had felt more confident than ever despite the exhaustion rolling in. She was happy in this new body and when she rolled in the house after a long day, she threw her arms around Ezra's neck and cuddled Rocco like she had never cuddled him before, talking to him in her standard baby voice, one that she knew peopled tended to loathe, but if she did it with her first fur baby, she had to do it with the second. Rose had been consumed in thoughts over the film, she had forgotten Ezra mentioned to her over the weekend he had something planned. She thought it was for the night before, so when the day came and went and they retired to bed after the premiere, she assumed that everything fell through and he was giving her a break and some time to unwind and put her feet up at home.

Upstairs in their bathroom, she began taking off the wear and tear from the day, smearing a cotton pad against her eyelid as Ezra came behind her, the surprise of having hands crawling over her stomach startled her until she began to laugh, throwing out apologies left and right with one of her eyes clean, the pad in her hand as she tried to smile at him with one eye closed and the other open. What came next was the true surprise: we're going out. Hearing those words were always such a joy to her. It had been so long since they had a routine of doing things in the city, going out to eat, whatever, so if there was the promise of leaving the house, it felt like a real vacation. While he announced Max was coming, she fixed the eyeliner and mascara she took off and seized the necessary footwear, trotting downstairs with anticipation running through her veins. She had no knowledge of where he was taking her and he wouldn't budge when she questioned him, either. She tried her hardest to get it out of Max when Ezra ran to the bathroom, champagne still in their hands.

"You have to know where he's taking me."

"Tell me."

"Tell me."

Max was stronger than she thought, he told her nothing, and neither did Ezra while they sat in the car together, pulling up to a building that didn't resemble a restaurant to her, not that she could tell, that was her first guess of where he was going to take her in the first place. She never saw this coming, not for miles. Dancing, but not just any kind of dancing, salsa. She entered the building thinking it was a joke, as neither of them were dancers, leaving the smallest amount of rhythm between them. The promise of a wine bar did encourage her, though, the liquid courage is exactly what she would need to feel like she wasn't the worst in the room, which they weren't, to their own surprise. They were quiet, save for the laughter that they would try and bite back in their throats whenever the instructor would clap and the song would come blaring out again, their movements were slow while some of the other couples were quicker, more advanced. It wasn't all that intimidating, it was actually kind of fun. For him to claim that she wouldn't love something like this would have upset her. This was something new, a true challenge for them as a couple and indviduals. It was refreshing and exciting, something she wouldn't mind doing again, but only if the bar was available, that was her only stipulation.

After an hour of sweaty palms and foreheads, they shared ice cream and reminisced over what had just taken place. Conversations erupted over how the next time they decided to do something like this, they would emerge from the staircase of that building (one they both agreed was creepy as fuck, she could't help but think he found the studio on craig'slist) in matching sequined getups to show that they were serious and dedicated to the cause of dancing. It was a night to remember, full of firsts and not so many failed attempts at conquering the dance steps learned that night. They both promised each other that they would try and remember the moves the following day, perhaps practicing them in the kitchen when Rocco was sitting in his chair, serving as a guest judge on So You Think You Can Dance. She was charmed and pleased over him doing something like this for her. She wasn't the easiest woman to date with all of her demands, expectations and high hopes, so for Ezra to be able to see past all of her complaining and still want to do these things for her, and for them, well, it was something that she couldn't put into words, but grateful and appreciative did come to mind.