baby shower september 2017
Internally, she wasn't happy about any of this. They were broken up and here he was, setting up for a party like everything was fine. The expression on her face said it all: irritated, fed up, and exhausted. She could see what he was trying to do and why he felt inclined to do it. With her first pregnancy she had to nag to him about a baby shower since no one had offered, so to see him doing it now, this late into her pregnancy when they weren't even together felt very confusing and strange for her.

If she hadn't been pregnant, she would have started to tear down decorations like a petulant child, but lucky for them both, she didn't do any of that, Rose simply looked on, her chest hot and aggravated. She sucked in a breath and didn't say a word. The last few weeks she told herself that no matter what was going on between them, she wouldn't allow herself to implode; it wasn't good for the baby, for Rocky, or for her right now.

The most difficult aspect of the party was trying to keep on a happy face and celebrate the upcoming birth of the child. It only made her sad and disappointed in herself, in him, and in them as a unit. She tried, though, succeeding for the most part because she knew neither of them wanted this to turn into some public shouting match. No one wanted that.

At first, Rose felt terrified seeing Ezra's parents, not quite sure why she was scared to begin with seeing that they were always wonderful to her. Somehow Ezra's mother was able to keep her from losing her mind, something that she had always been good at. There was no conversation about the state of her relationship with her son, there was no conversation at all, it was merely a feeling that pinched between her shoulder blades, an understanding almost, difficult to put into words.

With the evening fading, everyone sneaking away with hugs and kisses and goodbyes, Rose knew she had to say something to him. The rational side of her appreciated the effort while the emotional side of her wanted to scream and shout over how he thought this was a good idea given that they aren't on great terms to begin with. The rational side won out in favor of the emotional, a surprise even for herself given that she had typically sided with the voice in her head that wanted to repeatedly tell him ugly, nasty things.

Finishing up the story, fingers combing through the blonde curls of their son, her gaze remained away from him, anywhere but on him. She wanted to take him up stairs, or rather, have Ezra take him up, but the rising and falling of his little chest was something she didn't want to attempt to disturb, sitting there in silence for a few minutes. Finally, after some internal coaching, she exhaled, looking over at Ezra with a blank look on her face. "I wish you didn't do that," she said flatly. He could probably convince himself this was the start to a blowout, but it wasn't, not at all. "I'm glad your parents came. And harry. And everyone else--" trailing off, she released the tension in her shoulders and sighed. In no way did she want to say this to give him hope, it was simply to show gratitude. "Thanks," she nodded, briefly making eye contact before breaking.