"Did you still want me to book a hotel for tonight or-"
"Let's do it another night," she cut him off.
"I'm sorry. It's been a long week and I'd rather come home."
With sad eyes she looked up at him, no evidence of the lie she was telling.
"You understand, don't you?"

The plan was set. Originally Rose and Ezra had come to the conclusion in bed nights prior that they deserved an evening to themselves after the premiere for X-Men on Tuesday in the city, a little getaway to relax and stretch their legs out. Their plan was to get a hotel room and dodge the after party, which is essentially what her plan was, as well, but she wanted to do this in a way that felt more of a surprise than a night that was planned with every detail set in stone. With the promise of spontaneity at play, Rose didn't say a word throughout the entire afternoon while Harry and Hung came over to their Brooklyn abode to paint her face and curl her hair. She could sense that Ezra was displeased and a little let down by her revelation to stay in based on how he paddled around while she sat in a chair. All in all she knew he understood; it had been a long two weeks for her with appearance after appearance and a slew of premieres. She was tired, she wanted a break, she wanted time set aside to be with him without the crying ringing in her ears and that was why keeping up with going out for the evening was perfect.

Bobby and Robin were already on their way into the city as the two waited for the car to take them to the premiere. As far as Ezra knew, Harry was going to stay here with Rocco until they came home later in the evening, he had no idea that his parents were only about ten minutes away and ready to spend the night with the baby and the sassy little fur baby, as well. Rose wore Valentino, a long gown that touched the floor with her shoulders and back bare, her hair pinned up. She was more impressed with the way he cleaned up, all in black with dress shoes on for a change, an accent that only made her laugh as she pointed out to him that she didn't care if he wanted to go out in Nike's. Seeing him in a suit never failed to make her feel like she was floating, her body temperature raised as she resorted to being a teenage girl again, seeing her crush for the very first time as her stomach was in an intricate system of knots. He looked divine and she wasn't shy about letting him know with her eyes trained in on him, the side of her lips turned up into a smirk as she took his hand and they began their way down the few stairs outside.

"If you were single and I was single," she paused, getting into the car.
"I wouldn't hesitate to take you home with you looking like that."

A hotel with a name familiar to the both of them, The Mandarin Oriental was their home away from home for the evening. Rose remained tightlipped about where they were staying, ignoring his pleading and protesting throughout the evening, acting aloof and oblivious to the fact that they were going anywhere other than home after the premiere and after party. The Mandarin Oriental is also home to one of the most luxurious and respectable spas in the city with a wide range of services, affluent indulgences at their fingertips if they chose to book something the next morning. Alternatively, it was where she booked his massage and facial for Christmas that he reveled in earlier in the year, so both of them were no strangers to the kind of accommodating staff that was on board. The suite she requested was available, surprisingly enough, a room that overlooked Central Park across the street, wide and tall windows displaying rows upon rows of lush greenery and a canopy of trees, a sight to be noted in a wonderland otherwise known for concrete and steel.

The room itself was lovely and spacious with all the right modern touches, a crescent shaped grey couch in the living area in front a flatscreen they would most likely never even touch, a small kitchen with a table placed in the corner against a block of floor-length windows, though it was the view that really made her want to see if they could snag such a room on such short notice. The bedroom was nothing out of the ordinary for a suite; it had a California king size bed with a crisp white duvet sitting on top of it, a mound of pillows set against a dark wooden headboard that only made her slyly grin to herself when they first entered it later on in the evening, it was a nice change from their bedroom at home for a night away, that was for sure. The bathroom, typically her favourite part of any hotel they stayed at, was dressed in black marble with a white porcelain tub bigger than the one they had at home. The mirrors behind the tub took away any semblance of privacy the bathroom had, but it was a feature the both of them found appealing and intriguing.

The red carpet went by painlessly with the help of his hand gripping hers, her head canting to the side to sneak words into the skin underneath his earlobe, the two of them holding their own inside jokes while people looked on at the two of them laughing. It had been months since she's seen the cast, the last time being in Montreal when she still had Rocco growing inside her stomach. The best part about dealing with the constant flashes of light in her eyes and cameramen screaming her name was getting to experience this with the people who made it possible and to see the reaction on her boyfriend's face after they viewed the finished product of the film together for the very first time. Inside her seat at the theatre she felt jittery and anxious knowing that she would soon unveil their plans to him. She caught herself turning her head in the dark room, smiling at him over the fact that she knew something he didn't, taunting him without him even knowing what was occurring. When the film finished and Ezra expected her to guide him to the car, she looked at him and asked if he wanted to get one drink at the after party. Just one. It was her way of continuing the bit, to make up for canceling on their plans to stay away from home tonight. It didn't take much convincing on her end, he was happy to follow her along to the location where drinks were served and dancing was to be done.

As to be expected, Rose couldn't peel Oscar away from Ezra, serving as trouble when she interjected that they had to leave to get back home to Rocco. Oscar wagged his finger and shook his head, joking that Ezra wasn't allowed to leave now that he knew he was here. Unable to say no, they stayed longer than they intended, an hour longer, time evaporating quickly until it was closing in on midnight and she knew that they should get going. Each of them had a few drinks, nothing too crazy with the smallest buzz of tipsiness, neither of them stumbling out of the venue. Inside the car, Ezra kept trying to put Rose in his lap, laughter echoing throughout the backseat while she told him that the ceiling was too low, and still he kept trying to wrangle her in. The yelping and mild screaming she did caused the driver to ask if everything was all right, to which Rose took her hand and placed it over his mouth to keep him from talking, their bodies wrapped up in one another's on the seat as she told him everything was more than okay. For the first twenty minutes, Ezra didn't even ask why they weren't going en route to their house, they weren't in the direction of Brooklyn or their home. She kept him occupied with the back and forth, talking to him about how Oscar would have taken him home if he let him, running her lips against his neck and biting way too hard only to make him squirm. When the car finally came to a stop outside the hotel, she felt coated in nervous energy for some reason, her eyes looking over to the sidewalk and then to Ezra.

"Guess I changed my mind."